"In art the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can inspire"


A little about Mihai

Mihai graduated " Fine Art School of Brasov" in Transilvania on Painting Section where he learned to connect emotion with technique, to communicate a depth of "feeling" striking in someone so young as he is. He had the privilege of studying with some outstanding painters including Tiberiu Marianov and, later on, Alexandru Iacubovici. Since he started painting he was experimenting with different techniques and mediums like oil, acrylics, watercolour, pastel on canvas ,wood, flat spring rocks, but now, he works in oil and acrylics in their most classical sense giving just with a simple touch, of the brush , the life to the simple blank canvas, wood or spring rock. He also took part in many group exhibitions in Brasov. With Mihai's paintings, the observer can see, feel and discover what painting really is. These paintings are the vibrations and expressions of calmness, but also of a spiritual adventure, craft, and they show his passion and the great love for painting. His paintings are the simplest and the most universal, as much as the art of landscape painting allows. They are common places where atmosphere, densities and characters are hidden .

Florin Caloieanu